Enacting Common-Sense Gun Reforms and Taking on the NRA

When my son Jack started kindergarten this year, like so many parents, I had to fumble my way to find the words to tell him how to run in a zig-zag pattern or find a quiet place to hide if a shooter were to show up at his school. That is not a conversation that any parent should need to have with their child. Gun violence has torn too many families and communities apart – and disproportionately communities of color – for too long and the NRA continues to threaten our kids' safety. It’s high time for us to enact reasonable gun measures that have popular support from the vast majority of this country. That’s why I will fight to:

  • Restore the ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and mandate buy backs of all existing assault weapons, except for the military 
  • Implement universal background checks
  • Close the gun-show loophole
  • Remove weapons from the hands of domestic abusers
  • Establish a national red flag law modeled on what we have in place here in Massachusetts

We deserve to live in a country free from fear of gun violence, and I will fight every day in Congress to make that a reality.