Former HUD Secretary and Presidential Candidate Julián Castro

"As an At-Large member of the Newton City Council, a former district attorney, and as a mother of two children, Becky Grossman will bring a critical perspective to Congress about the issues facing hardworking families. I’m proud to support her because I know she will fight for a progressive agenda that ensures a better future for our next generation."

The Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts (PFFM)

"Becky Grossman stands out in a crowded field of candidates for her unwavering and genuine support of firefighters and their families. She has engaged in candid conversations with our members and earned our endorsement. The PFFM appreciates Becky's ambition and drive, and we look forward to her continued leadership on firefighter and labor issues." - Rich MacKinnon, Jr., President of the PFFM

The Retired State, County, and Municipal Employees Association of Massachusetts (Mass Retirees)

“There is a crowded field of candidates running to succeed Joe Kennedy. We looked closely at each candidate and found that there was one clear choice in terms of the issues of importance to public retirees. That choice is Becky Grossman. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she poses the work ethic to roll up her sleeves and get the job done.” - Frank Valeri, President of Mass Retirees

Representative Ro Khanna (CA-17)

“This pandemic underscores the urgency of electing progressive leaders who will fight for families and working people first. Becky Grossman is running with the fierce urgency of a mom, and I know that she will put our communities above special interests and lead on bold action to put this country on a better path forward. That's why I'm proud to endorse her campaign for Congress, and I look forward to working with her as a colleague in the U.S. House.”

Moms Demand Action - Gun Sense Candidate Distinction

"I'm running for Congress with the fierce urgency of a mom who is fed up with the NRA threatening our kids' safety and determined to make change. Proud to be one of the candidates to receive the Moms Demand Gun Sense Candidate Distinction, and ready to partner with them in Congress on Day One." - Becky Grossman

Newton Firefighters Association Local 863

“Becky has a deep appreciation for and understanding of the sacrifices we make every day. As a Newton City Councilor, she has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the local firefighters, and I know she’ll demonstrate that same level of commitment to firefighters everywhere as a member of Congress.” - Marc Rizza, President of Newton Firefighters Association

State Senate Majority Leader Cindy Creem

“Becky’s interdisciplinary background, her community leadership in Newton, and the urgency with which she approaches our greatest challenges equip her to be a strong leader for the 4th Congressional District. We need Becky’s talent and voice in Congress during this moment of crisis, and I’m proud to endorse her campaign.”

Former Mass. Democratic Party Chair and State Senate Majority Whip Joan Menard

“For over three decades, I represented Fall River and its neighboring communities in the State House, the State Senate, and as Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair, and I know that Becky will be a fighter for South Coast families. She is the representative the 4th District needs in this pivotal moment for the Commonwealth and the country.”

Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan

“During the period in which I worked with Becky, I saw a woman of extraordinary talent who gave her all to every endeavor. A gifted lawyer, devoted mother, and committed public servant, Becky is exactly the type of leader we need in Washington. I’m proud to endorse her today."

State Senator Michael Rodrigues (First Bristol & Plymouth)

“Becky is a strong progressive who will go to bat for Fall River and the entire South Coast.”

State Representative Alan Silvia (7th Bristol)

“During these troubling times, it’s important to support a smart, logical leader like Becky who will fight for good jobs and affordable healthcare in Fall River and the South Coast. I am proud to endorse her."

State Representative Lou Kafka (8th Norfolk)

“I can’t think of a more consequential time for our country and that’s why having a mom of two young kids who is willing to fight for their future is so important. Our community needs a passionate, caring leader in Congress who isn’t afraid to stick her neck out to fight against powerful special interests like the gun lobby. I’m going to do everything I can to help Becky get to Congress so she can fight to make sure our kids have the future they deserve.”

State Representative Ruth Balser (12th Middlesex)

“I’ve had a front-row seat to see Becky in action on the Newton City Council and there is no one I’d rather see representing us in Congress. As a mom to two young kids, Becky knows we cannot afford to sit on the sidelines when it comes to issues like gun violence or tackling climate change head-on. We need more progressive moms in Congress and I’m going to do everything I can to help Becky get there.”

State Representative Kay Khan (11th Middlesex)

"Families across the Commonwealth and the country are in crisis, and we need fearless young moms like Becky in Washington to stand up to special interests and act in the best interest of our kids’ long-term future. Becky’s leadership at the local level, her impressive interdisciplinary background, and her fierce determination to make progress on our most urgent issues will enable her to be a changemaker in Congress. I’m proud to endorse her campaign.”

State Representative David Linsky (5th Middlesex)

“On Beacon Hill, I’ve worked to ensure that Massachusetts is a national leader in protecting our communities from gun violence. The voters of Massachusetts’ 4th District need a fearless champion for sensible gun laws in Congress, and Becky Grossman has proven that she will be that champion. I’m proud to endorse her campaign.”

Former State Rep. and Attleboro City Councilor Bill Bowles

"Becky's impressive ability to address complex questions and her broad knowledge of the issues will equip her to be a strong and effective representative for Attleboro."

Needham Select Board Member John Bulian

“Our community needs a smart, logical leader like Becky to stand up to the NRA and take action on climate change. Becky has made it clear that as a mom to two young children, there isn’t anything that will stand in her way to fight for a better future for the next generation here in Needham.”

Needham Select Board Member Moe Handel

“I couldn’t agree more with Becky when she says we are in a make-or-break moment in our country. She knows that every family deserves access to quality health care and that lives depend on affordable prescription drugs. I’m proud to stand with her in this campaign.”

Former Newton Board of Aldermen (City Council) President Brooke Lipsitt

“Addressing the crisis of housing affordability and achieving a socially just society requires leaders with a track record and vision to enact bold solutions to help working families. On the Newton City Council, Becky Grossman has been a tireless advocate for affordable housing, and I know she’ll be a champion for this issue in Congress. I’m proud to endorse her campaign.”

Newton City Councilor Marc Laredo

“I am proud to support Becky to serve as our representative in Congress. She is intelligent, hard-working, thoughtful, collaborative, and responsive to our constituents. Having worked closely with Becky on the City Council, I am confident that she will bring these same skills to Washington.”

Newton City Councilor David Kalis

“Every effective elected official needs to be thoughtful, intelligent, savvy, and mission-driven. These are table stakes. Becky takes public service to the next level with her strong proclivity for action, dedication to listening and understanding constituents, and an unmatched sense of integrity. I am so proud to be voting for her in November!”

Newton City Councilor Josh Krintzman

“I have great respect and admiration for Becky’s decision-making process. She is intelligent, thoughtful, considerate, and deliberate in all of her work. The 4th Congressional District will be in wonderful hands with Becky at the helm!”

Newton City Councilor Lisle Baker

Newton School Committee Member Kathy Shields

Attleboro Democratic City Committee Chair Ellen Parker

"I'm supporting Becky because she has proven to be a dedicated listener who will research the issues until she comes to well-thought-out conclusions. Her thoughtfulness allows her to work well with people and understand other points of view."

Attleboro City Councilor Todd Kobus

“Becky's incredible education and legal experience more than qualifies her for the role. But it’s her natural leadership, humility, empathy, and dedication to serving the community that has me excited about her representing my family in Congress.”

Attleboro City Councilor Ty Waterman

"A devoted mother of two young children, Becky isn’t afraid to stand up to special interests. I’m confident that she will be an excellent representative for Attleboro and fight for the economic development and quality, affordable housing that we need.”

Fall River City Council Vice President Pam Laliberte-Lebeau

Fall River City Councilor Linda Pereira

“Fall River needs strong, principled representation in Washington to fight for economic opportunity for working families and to expand access to quality healthcare. Becky genuinely cares about our community, she has a deep understanding of our most pressing issues, and she has the compassion and skills to deliver on much-needed change.”

Former Fall River City Councilor Dave Dennis

"As a former Fall River City Councilor and local attorney, I am all too familiar with the devastating effects the opioid crisis has had on our city. We need a strong advocate in Congress who will provide critical resources to our communities to deal with the social and economic impact of this crisis as well. Becky Grossman understands that need and will provide the leadership we need to help win this fight.”

Former Fall River Democratic City Committee Chair Sandy Dennis

“Becky's platform for 'One District, One Economy' – strengthening the interconnections between all parts of our District with respect to transportation and economic development – will put the 4th District on the right path toward building an economy that works for everyone."

Massachusetts Democratic Party State Committee Member Nazda Alam

"The current unrest nationwide in response to racism and racial injustice demands representation that lifts up all people. Becky Grossman is the candidate who will fight for principles of fairness and inclusiveness. We need a leader like her who will embrace real change in this country."

Massachusetts Democratic Party State Committee Member Benjamin Bloomenthal

“As a parent of a school-aged child, I am supporting Becky because she understands first-hand the importance of fighting for all children. Her strong progressive values and her passion to fight for working families will ensure for a better future for all residents of the Commonwealth and our nation as a whole."

Massachusetts Democratic State Committee Member Sam Liao

"Becky’s positions on the issues stand out as the most considered and the most measured within the spectrum of Democratic ideals. She is sincere and will be a Representative in Congress who listens and attends to the concerns of her constituents."