Expanding Access to Quality, Affordable Child Care

For too long, child care has been treated like a luxury in this country rather than the accessible service that it should be, and that has to change. Rebuilding the middle class and recovering from this economic crisis starts with a child care system that is affordable and accessible to all. 

I believe that every child in this country deserves access to quality education and care from their earliest years, and every parent deserves the opportunity to earn a living and pursue their career without compromising their child’s well-being. We know that the opportunity gap starts at the very beginning of a child’s life. And in order to level that playing field, it’s become clear that all working families in this country need access to quality, affordable child care options. 

Compared to other highly-developed economies, the United States has a glaring lack of public policy and infrastructure to support early childhood education and young families. And if we had more moms of young kids in Congress, I know that these issues would be a top priority. These policies don’t just provide huge benefits at the individual level, but are also part of the bedrock of building stronger communities and a stronger economy overall.

As we recover from the economic fallout of COVID-19, we need to rethink our priorities and get serious about investing in working families. As a member of Congress, I’ll champion legislation to:

  • Enact universal pre-K

  • Guarantee access to paid family leave and paid sick leave for ALL workers

  • Reduce the price of and expand child care offerings across the country