Getting Money Out of Politics

In Washington, special interests run the show. Instead of working for families, the Trump Administration and Republicans are working hard to cut taxes and line the pockets of their corporate interest donors. That’s why I won’t take a dime of corporate PAC money.

Whether it's Big Pharma indiscriminately jacking up prescription drug prices or Big Oil persuading the Trump Administration to roll back environmental regulations, we see a direct link between money and legislative outcomes that favor those who can buy influence – especially since Citizens United opened the floodgates for dark money and corporate money.

I refuse to accept that special interests will continue to outweigh those of ordinary people; in a democracy, everyone is supposed to have an equal voice. And galvanizing public support around issues like ending gun violence and combating the climate crisis simply won’t be enough unless we fundamentally reverse the influence of money in politics. That’s why I support:

  • Enacting H.R. 1, the House’s sweeping reform and anti-corruption bill which would offer voluntary public financing for elections, tighten disclosure restrictions for dark money groups, and crack down on the revolving door between government office and lobbying
  • A constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United