Investing in Affordable Housing

The affordability of housing is a major problem in this country that continues to exacerbate economic and healthcare inequities. In every community I’ve visited across the 4th District, the urgent need for more affordable housing is almost always top of mind. And across our district and the nation, we see how people are often forced to choose between the roof over their head, or receiving quality healthcare, or putting food on the table. I refuse to accept that as a new normal. 

On the Newton City Council, I’ve been a strong advocate for affordable housing and transit-oriented development. But the federal government also has a key role to play in directly increasing the supply of public affordable housing through massive investments. Congress and the next administration can go much further by:

  • Ending redlining and all housing discrimination on the basis of race and sexual orientation

  • Boosting incentives for developers to build affordable homes rather than luxury single-family homes

  • Prioritizing transit-oriented development through tax incentives to connect people to job hubs while also tackling our climate goals

  • Targeting investments to communities of color who have been historically victimized by housing discrimination