1. Enacting Common-Sense Gun Reforms and Taking on the NRA

When my son Jack started kindergarten this year, like so many parents I had to fumble my way to find the words to tell him how to run in a zig-zag pattern or find a quiet place to hide if a shooter were to show up at his school. That is not a conversation that any parent should need to have with their child. Gun violence has torn too many families and communities apart – and disproportionately communities of color – for too long and the NRA continues to threaten our kids' safety. It’s high time for us to enact reasonable gun measures that have popular support from the vast majority of this country. That’s why I will fight to:

  • Restore the ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and mandate buy backs of all existing assault weapons, except for the military and police
  • Implement universal background checks
  • Close the gun-show loophole
  • Remove weapons from the hands of domestic abusers
  • Establish a national red flag law modeled on what we have in place here in Massachusetts

We deserve to live in a country free from fear of gun violence, and I will fight every day in Congress to make that a reality.

2. Confronting the Climate Emergency

We’re hurtling toward a future where the politics and everyday realities of climate change will overshadow everything else. Our planet is in peril and we need to finally get serious about fighting back.

That’s why I strongly support the Green New Deal. We need a national mobilization plan to phase out fossil fuel use entirely while overhauling our infrastructure and transportation system and ensuring environmental justice for frontline communities.

We may be in a climate emergency, but this also presents an opportunity for Americans to unite around a common cause, to put millions of people to work with good-paying union jobs, and to lead an international coalition to safeguard the future for generations to come. Moreover, as your Congresswoman, I will work to reverse the Trump Administration’s regulatory assault on the environment.

3. Fixing our Broken Healthcare System

I believe healthcare is a human right and should be guaranteed for everyone. Over the past few years, I’ve seen firsthand how much is wrong with the current system as my parents try to navigate our incredibly fragmented and costly health care system to obtain the very expensive medications my mom needs to treat her rare auto-immune condition.

I support moving in the direction of Medicare for All, and I would begin with creating a public option. My underlying value is to get as many people covered in a quality and affordable way as quickly as possible, and starting with a public option is the best way to do that. I also support allowing the federal government to negotiate drug prices, capping out of pocket costs on prescription drugs, and enabling the importation of safe, vetted prescription drugs from countries like Canada.

4. Protecting Women's Reproductive Health

Politicians have absolutely NO business interfering with, or dictating, very personal decisions about reproductive health – a woman’s choice is between her and her doctor. As a member of Congress, I will do everything in my power to fight back against the relentless attacks by the Trump Administration and Republicans on women’s personal and Constitutional rights over their lives, health, and bodies.

I support a proactive reproductive health agenda, including:

  1. Repealing the Hyde Amendment
  2. Lifting the global gag rule
  3. Expanding Title X funding for Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice healthcare providers
  4. Making Roe v. Wade the law of the land once and for all.

5. Restoring a Values-Based Foreign Policy

From the climate crisis, to rising authoritarianism, to the deliberate spread of weaponized misinformation online, the greatest threats to our democracy and planet are global in nature. Yet the Trump Administration deliberately tears down international institutions and values that are our best tools and which America spent decades building up, quitting the Paris Climate Accord, gutting our diplomatic corps, and cozying up to dictators while alienating true friends and allies.

I believe America must prioritize diplomacy over threats, bluster, and the unilateral use of force. Repairing our alliances overseas and restoring the State Department and intelligence community here at home must be at the forefront of U.S. foreign policy.

Moreover, as a member of Congress, I will sponsor and support the War Powers Resolution to end the blank check too many presidents have abused to entangle Americans in unending conflicts.

6. Implementing a Humane Immigration Agenda

Immigration is a deeply personal issue to me. I am able to have the life I have and step forward as a candidate for U.S. Congress because my family managed to escape Poland before the Holocaust and immigrate to this country. I am horrified and outraged by President Trump’s campaign of lies and relentless racial, ethnic, and religious hate against immigrants, threatening people and tearing apart families who have contributed to our nation for years, and demonizing those whose only “crime” is to believe that America means a better future for themselves and their children.

Separating families and putting children in cages not only undercuts our values, but also doesn’t make us any safer. I will fight to protect immigrants and American values and support long-overdue immigration reform that protects our DREAMERs, provides a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and redeploys our resources to focus on real cross-border dangers such as human trafficking, weapons smuggling, and the illicit importation of drugs.

7. One District, One Economy

We live in one district and we should have one robust economy.

We need to strengthen the interconnections between all parts of the district – literally in the case of transportation, but also with respect to planning and economic development. What’s necessary to make it happen is a Congresswoman with the vision to see the possibilities – and the federal funding to support them. If I’m so fortunate to be elected, I’m dedicated to assigning a member of my staff to prioritize bringing economic development, small business growth, and access to capital to the South Coast and the Gateway Cities.

In the country at large, wealth is concentrated in the hands of the top 1% and everyone else is treading water. I will work to repeal the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations, to provide tax relief for the middle class, and to ensure that the ultra-rich and corporate giants pay their fair share.

8. Getting Money out of Politics

In Washington, special interests run the show. Instead of working for families, the Trump Administration and Republicans are working hard to cut taxes and line the pockets of their corporate interest donors. That’s why I won’t take a dime of corporate PAC money.

Whether it's Big Pharma indiscriminately jacking up prescription drug prices or Big Oil persuading the Trump Administration to roll back environmental regulations, we see a direct link between money and legislative outcomes that favor those who can buy influence – especially since Citizens United opened the floodgates for dark money and corporate money.

I refuse to accept that special interests will continue to outweigh those of ordinary people; in a democracy, everyone is supposed to have an equal voice. And galvanizing public support around issues like ending gun violence and combating the climate crisis simply won’t be enough unless we fundamentally reverse the influence of money in politics. That’s why I support:

  • Enacting H.R. 1, the House’s sweeping reform and anti-corruption bill which would offer voluntary public financing for elections, tighten disclosure restrictions for dark money groups, and crack down on the revolving door between government office and lobbying
  • A constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United

9. Tackling the Opioid Crisis

The opioid epidemic has devastated communities across the country, and the 4th District is no exception. Here in Massachusetts, we’ve had one of the highest rates of opioid-related deaths and we’ve made little progress in reversing this trend.

We must realign our priorities to focus on prevention, treatment, and recovery. As a member of Congress, I’ll be determined to hold Big Pharma accountable for their role in this crisis and to ensure that access to treatment is more readily available in every community.

I strongly support the CARE Act, which would disburse $100 billion in federal funds to provide much-needed resources for state and local governments to expand their capacity to treat opioid addiction. Additionally, we can’t have any illusions that we can solve this crisis without addressing the underlying issues that drive so many to addiction and stand in the way of recovery, including poverty, absence of opportunity, and lack of access to affordable housing and healthcare.