Voting Information Center


Step 1: Are you registered to vote?

The deadline to register to vote in the September 1st primary is August 22nd

Register or update your registration via the MA SoS Website:


Step 2: Make your plan to vote

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is expanding vote by mail to every registered voter and opening early vote locations across the district

Voting by Mail

1. On July 15th all registered voters will be sent a vote by mail application. If you didn't receive one, or think you might've lost yours, you can print one up here: 2020 VBM Application

2. Mail your application as soon as possible, and expect a ballot in your mailbox in August.

3. Fill out your ballot and return it using the prepaid postage envelope provided. You can also hand deliver it to your local clerk's office, or some locations may have drop boxes. NOTE: Ballots must be received by September 1st at 8pm.

Voting in Person

Cast an absentee ballot in person. Find your local clerk's location and hours and cast an absentee ballot in person during business hours between August 3rd through noon on August 31st.

Vote early at a designated early voting location. From August 22nd to 28th, you can vote at your local clerk's office or designated early vote location. Please check your local clerk's website for hours and locations of early vote sites. 

Voting on Primary Election Day, September 1st. You can also vote on election day, Tuesday September 1st from 7am to 8pm. Your normal polling site may have changed due to the pandemic, so please be sure to refer to your local clerk's website to confirm your polling location. 

Step 3: Volunteer with Becky's Team and Help Get Out the Vote!

Sign up to volunteer with the team through our website, or reach out directly to our Field Director, Violet Gehr, at